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The EVA glass interlayer films are specially used as the interlayer film between two glasses which will bond the two pieces of glass together tightly. 1) Size of outdoor grade EVA film as below:

Normal thickness: 0.38mm,0.76mm

Normal Width: 2m, 2.2m and 2.3m

Normal length: 50m or 100m

Color: High transparent

38HT High transparent 0.38mm*2300mm*100m
76HT High transparent 0.76mm*2300mm*50m


2) Property

---The film will not change color for more than 15years.

---Based on the particular core technology, HISURE EVA interlayer film has excellent weather-resistance, can absorb 99% UV ray radiation , can be applied in outdoor long-time with no de-lamination and cracks.

---High light transmittance >92.1%

---Adopt DuPon EVA resin materials and differentiation technique, make the film reach different transparence at different temperature

3) Application

The outdoor grade EVA film can be used in outdoor architectural; Curtain Wall; Automobile glasses; Bullet-proof glasses; skylight; doors and windows and other outdoor decorations etc.

4) Packing:PE bags on roll, then put the roll in carton, then put the carton in wooden box.